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2000 - 2004


Photo by Betty Witt, Painting Cope Saddle Hut (ex SEC), Don, Cathie, Betty, Dawn and Mac painting the Cope aqueduct hut on the Bogong High Plains, 20 April 2002

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10 - 12 March 2000

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Michelle’s Hut - began painting after scraping off the old paint, some of us cleaned up the inside of the hut. Completed the painting on Sunday. Monday ringbarked the pine trees above Rocky Valley Dam. Cut and pulled out the seedling pines.

Present: Fred Gerardson, Margaret Graham, Betty Witt, Liz Dowling,

Rangers Mac and Scottie

25 & 26 March 2000

Cope Hut. dry stone work track leading from the track to the hut, one third built. Repaired steps on Cope Hut. Reformed stones at the bottom of the wooden steps, also worked on the toilet door. Camped at Raspberry Saddle.

Present: Eddie Kleingeerts, Irene Vincent, Betty Witt, Margaret Timbury, Pam Gardner, Margaret Graham

13 May 2000

Washed out. Margaret, Marshall and Helen gave photos to Ron for display. A large branch fell from a candlebark tree near the Ranger’s office in their presence.

1 & 2 December 2001

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Painted the SEC hut at Langford’s Gap. Set up railings and posts at the Mt Cope walking track car park.

Present: Fred and Catherine Gerardson. Dawn Kneen. Margaret Graham, Betty Witt, Don and Dot Hutton, Eileen Clark, Elizabeth King, Liz Devlin, Danielle Cresp, Simon Griffiths, Pat Dobson, Glenys Archer,

Rangers Scottie and Mac

20 & 21 April 2002

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Scraped paint off Cope Saddle Hut (ex SEC), then painted it. Weather cold and wet. Went back on Sunday but unable to paint, some had been washed off.

Present: Don Hutton, Margret Graham, Betty Witt, Eileen Clarke, Dawn Kneen, Ranger : Mac

30 & 31 November 2002

Michelle Hut. Drove to Camp Creek and walked/ worked up the track to Michell Hut. Fixed and dug drains. Cleared overgrowth on the track. Walked to Mt Bogong and back via the Staircase Spur.  Camped at Michell Hut overnight.

Present: Fred Gerardson, Dawn Kneen, Liz Devlin, Carina Mojet and Marcel Theunissen.

Rangers: Catherine and Scottie.

30 November 2002

Annual General Meeting at Michell hut.

16 & 17 May 2003

Collected rocks and placed in piles on the Razorback track to Mt Feathertop for contractors to come in later and use them for drainage, steps to avoid track erosion after the bushfires. Sunday was washed out.

Present: Margaret Graham, Betty Witt, Greg and Jean McDonald, Doug Pocock, Martin Pocock, Liz Devlin, David Arnold, Carina Mojet, Marcell Theunissen, Iris Curran, Dawn Kneen, Elizabeth King, Don Ramsay, Fred Gerardson

Rangers: Enzo Brotto, Mac Davey

1 & 19 October 2003

Cancelled due to too much snow.

29 November 2003

Annual General Meeting - Langford West camping ground and finished at Happy Larry’s.

29 & 30 November 2003

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Split into two groups. The first group erected a fence at Langford West camp ground to restrict the area available for camping and to protect surrounding vegetation - horse yards. The second group worked at Fitzgerald’s and Kelly’s huts, placed yellow caps on star picket fence of the old cattle yard and also at the Conservation exclusion zone near Cope Hut and Langford West.

Present: Fred Gerardson, Don Hutton, Elizabeth King, Carolyn McInnes, Eileen Clark, Gillian Hume

Ranger: Catherine and Scottie

20 & 21 March 2004  Track reconstruction, remove seedlings and rubbish

Easiest Way To The Top

Once again we saw magnificent sunny weather. A keen group made the most of it to re-construct the track connecting the Eskdale Spur to Granite Flat Spur. The track was already in need of work before the bushfires destroyed the scrub around this side of the mountain (along with Michell’s Hut) and the bushfires virtually obliterated the track. The group assisted Cath and Scotty in re-marking and re-constructing the track. Cath went on with Don and new member Carolyn to the top to take in the full view on such a clear day. Easiest way to the top!!!

Willow Seedlings And Other Exotics

On Sunday we joined Warwick Papst at Watchbed Creek to remove willow seedlings and other exotics from the bogs. A thick fog greeted us and made for an eerie atmosphere until it finally lifted around lunchtime. A general cleanup of old bottles, cans and rubbish laid bare by the effects of the fire completed the day’s activities.

Present: Fred Gerardson, Don Hutton, Elizabeth King, Carolyn McInnes, Eileen Clark, Gillian Hume

Rangers: Catherine and Scottie

20 November 2004

Annual General Meeting at Faithfuls Hut

20 & 21 November 2004  Revegetation, tree planting and drain cutting

Another beautiful sunny weekend

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The gods have been smiling hugely on us of late and another beautiful sunny weekend greeted a keen group of eight to accompany new ranger Paul Hartrick and old salt Mac Davey on the weekend’s labours.

A slight re-arrangement of the schedule saw us undertake the re-vegetation work around several of the huts on the High Plains on the Saturday. We broke up into two groups, with one group re-planting around Wallace’s Hut and the other around the Wilkie’s Hut site.

MacNamara Transformation

After lunch we joined forces to transform the area around the re-built McNamara’s Hut , which looked like a new building arising from the ashes of a bomb site. The group took to the task with gusto. Joined by day walkers, Paul and Tam, a solid two hours saw the site transformed with defined paths, drainage and re-vegetation so that it looked more like an English cottage garden than an Australian bush setting. Not sure what the correct effect should have been, but I am sure it will acquire the right look over time as the native plants take off.

Toilet planting

A few members ventured off with Paul to do some final re-veg planting around the new toilet block at nearby Buckety Plain before being joined by the rest at Faithful’s Hut to camp beneath the stars. We held the AGM in Faithful’s Hut in the evening by the light of the roaring fire lit by our very own FOTP firebug, Liz. The overnight temperature was a crisp one degree and we were rewarded with a breathtaking clear morning. Needless to say the usual quantity of red wine and port were mixed with cakes, slices and all manner of scrumptious food.

Mt Cope

Sunday saw us return via Mt Cope to work on the upper levels of the track from the car park. Many hands once again made light work as we cut drains across the track to divert water flows off the track itself. We finished with lunch at Langfords West campground before winding our way back to Happy Larry’s around 2 pm.

Present: Fred Gerardson, Liz Devlin, Dawn Kneen, Don Ramsay, Betty Witt, Marcel Theunissen, Don Hutton, Carina Mojet

Rangers: Paul Hartrick, Mac Davey

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