Friends of Bogong

2010 Activities


Betty and Margaret with their awards. 20 November 2010.

Best Friends Award 20 November 2010

On 20 November 2010 long standing Friends of Bogong members (and twin sisters), Margaret Graham and Betty Witt, were honoured with the Best Friends award for 2010. They were chosen from members of all Friends groups in Victoria. The event was held at Braeside Park in Keysborough.

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Annual General Meeting 13 November 2010

The planned work party for 13/14 November 2010 was cancelled on the advice of Parks Victoria due to an extremely bad weather forecast. Instead the Annual General Meeting was held at Dawn Kneen’s house in Balwyn.

Work Party 19-21 March 2010

Ranger Iris gave us a comprehensive briefing for the GPS mapping exercise for the sallow willow project for the University of Melbourne (a follow up from the rain affected VNPA weekend).  On the Saturday we split into several teams and went to our selected peat bogs with ‘bog maps’ and GPS to ‘walk the circumference’ of the bog with the GPS tracking us and doing way points for the identified willows.  We had to estimate the size and number of willows, tag them with orange tape and record the data on worksheets.  We then did ‘transacts’ on a north-south or east-west basis.  A very interesting project and somewhat difficult to restrain ourselves from removing them (as in past work parties)!!

Saturday night – we camped at Bucketty Plain – with a very warm campfire and lots of good travel yarns.

Sunday – we continued with the willow work until lunchtime with teams going to Pretty Valley, Bucketty Plains, near Rocky Valley and around Marm Point drainage lines. Many observed that the peat bogs had moved from the original map positions, some had no willows at all (hooray) and many had lots of willows (yuk).  We were very exposed to the strong winds buffeting the high plains so we decided to shelter at Cope Hut for a late lunch.  Here, we met one Alpine Walking Track ‘through walker’ heading to Canberra.  He had been out for three weeks with another three or more weeks to go. Geoff Kelly (a recent AWT through walker) gave a very good update on what to expect for the next three weeks.  After a leisurely lunch and a good chat we then drove home with all the Melbourne cars meeting for coffee and cake at the King River Café, at Oxley (recommended).

Attending:  Liaison Ranger Iris Curran supervising, with Dawn Kneen, Pam Gardner, Margaret Timbury, Margaret Graham, Betty Witt, Margaret and James Grant, Janette Koldaih, Beverley York, Nick Brown, Geoff Kelly, and Rod Novak.

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