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21 - 22 November 2015 Work Party


David using the pole saw at Cope Hut

21 - 22 November 2015 Work Party

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This work party must have been one of the best ever with perfect weather and a group of 15 keen volunteers. Ranger Iris was working with another volunteer group in the Omeo region, spreading beetles to control broom (a weed) so we didn’t see her until around morning tea on Sunday. Rudi, just back from an overseas holiday, took our group. Rudi had us prepare three huts, Wallaces, Cope and Faithfull’s for the fire season, by clearing vegetation and grass around them, and to do a general clean-up of the huts.

The first was Wallaces, a beautiful hut in a beautiful location. Some of us used brushcutters, a lawn mower and rakes to clear vegetation and grass for 5 metres around the hut, and also to clear around the toilet and a sign post. The lawn mower might sound strange but the long grass will dry off and burn, and when fire retardant is dropped from a helicopter or plane it spreads easier on short grass. Nick Brown led a team to clear up old fire scars and did such a good job that you wouldn’t have realised that a fire had once been there. Another group cleared up inside the hut. Rudi himself used a pole saw (kind of a small chainsaw on a long pole) to cut branches overhanging the road in. These have been damaging the vehicle of the contractor who pumps out the toilet. As the Friends left the hut we cleared all of these lopped off branches into the bush.

At Cope Hut some of the team cleared the scrub around the tent platforms. Others cleared inside the hut, where a lot of rubbish had been left. Others cleared a trench along the back, where the ground was very wet due to water coming off the roof. Rudi and David used the pole lopper to clear branches overhanging the hut. 

On Sunday morning we cleared around Faithfull’s Hut. Again we cleared the fireplaces and the bush around the hut. The fireplace came in for special attention. Iris joined us around morning tea time. After packing up the gear we met at the Old Tawonga General Store for a coffee on the way home.


Rod Novak, Pam Gardner, Marg Timbury, Greg Morvell, Mark Heath (visitor), Deb Shand, Ian, Jeanette,Shauna Wilson,Kirsten Seavers, Nick Brown,David Turner, Jim Harker, Dawn Kneen

Ranger:  Rudi Pleschutschnig, Iris Curran (Sunday only)

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