22 - 23 November 2014 Work Party


Greg, Dawn and Ross with the 30th anniversary certificates

21/22 March 2015 Work Party

This was cancelled as an outbreak of fire activity meant that no Parks Victoria staff were able to attend.  Nine friends had registered for the weekend.

Report on 22/23 November 2014 work party

Jim Harker, Rod Novak, Fred Gerardson, Geoff Kelly, Marianne Watt, Pam Gardner, Margaret Timbury, Eddie Kleingeerts, Greg Morvell, Deb Shand, Margaret Graham, Peter Robinson, Dawn Kneen, Nick Brown
Visitors: Mark Heath, Dianne McKinley
Rangers: Iris Curran, Ross Grant (Ranger Rudi P is currently on LSL)

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Local newspaper report on our 30th anniversary 30th anniversary.pdf

This work party had a good turnout of friends and good weather on both days.

We met Ranger Iris at the Parks Office at 8.15 am Saturday in Mt Beauty. The other ranger for the weekend would be Ross Grant, Ranger-in-Charge, Mt Beauty, who would meet us at the worksite. The work would be on the Australian Alps Walking Track near Mt Cope. Recent improvements to the walking track had left bare patches, and in the alpine environment these are very vulnerable to erosion and the spread of weeds, so early control is important.

At the work site, Ross Grant explained the work to us. Parks Victoria had recently employed a contractor to place treadmat on worn sections of the track. They had instructed the contractor to place the soil and grass on the tyre marks of an old vehicle path left over from the Hydroelectricity days. What they hadn't realised was that there were natural features (sorry I've forgotten their name) caused by peri glacial action (alternate freezing and thawing) which creates lines parallel to the contours, and which can look like a track to the untrained eye. These features have rare vegetation in them. The contractor had mistaken these for the old track and placed the turfs there until a visiting scientist noticed the mistake and informed Parks Victoria. Parks Vic then removed the turfs and has been rehabilitating the area.

Our work was concentrated on the edges of the treadmat where bare areas are vulnerable to erosion and to the spread of weeds. Ross pointed out where weeds, especially sheep sorrel, were already spreading. We were to use jute, straw and metal pins to cover the bare areas with straw, place jute on top and hold it down with pins. We used a variety of techniques, such as making sausages of the straw and jute.

After lunch Saturday (as Ross could only attend Saturday), Rangers Ross and Iris conducted a small ceremony where they presented a special 30th Anniversary Framed Certificate to founding members of FOB, Dawn and Greg, and 30-year commemorative badges were given to long serving members.

By the end of Saturday we had done all the work that Iris had planned for the Sunday, so we could devote the Sunday to our anniversary walk and party. On Saturday evening we had our Annual General Meeting, which is the highlight of the year for so many people (only joking). At the AGM the following Office holders were elected:

President - Jim Harker
Vice President - Margaret Timbury
Secretary - Dawn Kneen
Treasurer - Greg Morvell
Ordinary members:
Margaret Graham
Pam Gardner
Rod Novak
Peter Robinson

It was great to have so many volunteers for the committee.

On Sunday we made our way to Wallace’s Hut and did the Heritage walk, from Wallace’s Hut to the aqueduct, then around to Rover Chalet, up to Cope Hut and back to Wallace’s Hut. Here Rod Novak presented Dawn with the Victorian Environmental Network’s Best Friend of the year award for 2014. Dawn said it was quite appropriate that it was outside Wallace’s Hut as her maiden name was Wallace. Finally we had our lunch, including the delicious birthday cake baked by Dawn.  We discussed the March 2015 work party with Iris. Parks hires contractors to control weeds during summer and Iris thinks that we could monitor areas treated by the contractors, to measure the success of the treatment.

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