23 - 24 March 2019 Work Party


L - R Shauna, Jim, Fred, Chris, Karen, Dawn, Margaret, Pam, Mike, Rod is missing, photo taken by Meaghan (Ranger). Taken at the car park just after Rocky Valley dam.

23 - 24 March 2019 work party

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A total of 11 friends came along over 2 days for this work party. The plan was to clear the walking track from the far side of Rocky Valley dam to Ropers Lookout. Those camping at Mountain Creek were woken at 5 am when 2 buses containing 70 people intending to climb Mt Bogong turned up. After meeting ranger Meaghan in Mt Beauty we drove to the car park at the end of Rocky Valley dam. After all the hot dry weather of the summer, the weekend was overcast and light showers came through regularly. We were using hand tools as a brushcutter wouldn’t fit into Meaghan’s vehicle. We formed a good group with the different tools operating in sequence. The track was quite overgrown and several groups of walkers who went past were appreciative of our efforts.  We finished about two thirds of the track on Saturday and went back to Bucketty Plain for a relaxing night.

 On Sunday we came back to finish the track. The weather was less drizzly than Saturday and we finished the track and enjoyed the excellent views overlooking Falls Creek. If you haven’t walked this track it is well worth while. Our old ranger Iris Curran could not attend as she was in Corryong on firefighting duties.


Friends: Dawn , Margaret, Pam, Fred, Karen, Rod Nick, Mick (first time), Chris, Jim, Shauna

Ranger: Meaghan

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