Friends of Bogong

23 - 24 November 2013


Margaret, Dawn, Geoff, Pam, Greg installing one of the bike barriers

23 - 24 March 2013

The March work party was cancelled.

23 - 24 November 2013

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Saturday – There was no ranger available to come out with us. Kevin Cosgriff gave us a briefing at the Parks office in Mt Beauty. We were to work on the Bungalow Spur track to Mt Feathertop, which had been affected by bushfires earlier in the year, and there were a number of tasks to do:

  1. 1.The sign at the start of track track had been affected by a flood from the nearby creek and several inches of rocks had been deposited around the sign. We were to return the surrounds to the original flat shape. The rocks would be piled into a barrier in front of the creek.

  2. 2.There was a problem with some mountain bike riders (and even trail bike riders) using the walking track. We were to install 3 wooden barriers at the start of the track.

  3. 3.A wooden bridge about 500 metres along the track had been covered with about 10 cm of rocks and soil by the flood. This would rot the timbers so we were ro remove the rocks and soil.

  4. 4.We were to clear out the drains along the track to prevent erosion. They had become full due to the flooding rains.

  5. 5.The last task was to instal a bench seat at Picnic Point, approximately 2 km along the track.

We were able to complete all the tasks except the bench seat. The location for that was solid rock and we couldn’t see how to instal it with our tools. We also did an extra task. At about 1.5 km along the track it crossed a creek at a lovely shady spot. There were numerous thistles growing and we uprooted all of them.

Saturday evening – We camped at Mountain Creek and held the Annual General Meeting. A thunderstorm was building during the meeting and forced us to a quick finish. 

Sunday – We had completed all he tasks that we could and had no ranger with us, so we returned our tools and went our separate ways.

Present: Dawn Kneen, Margaret Graham, Margaret Timbury, Pam Gardner, Geoff Kelly, Marianne Watt, Jim Harker, Greg Morvell

First Time: Claire Luxford, Fran Moloney