24 - 25 November 2018 Work Party


Chris and Greg on Fainter Falls track

24 - 25 November 2018 Work Party

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The November work party saw the largest turn out of Friends for about 2 years. Some of us had experienced very heavy rainfall driving up on Friday, so Happy Larry was brought back into action. Due to the late snow Meaghan had no time to organise work activities on the High Plains so on Saturday we were based at Mountain Creek.  On Saturday morning we met at Parks Office and headed to Mountain Creek where we and divided into three teams: one to clean up the campsite, one to clear the day walk tracks, and one to clear Staircase Spur  track(mainly clearing the drains). The day stayed reasonably dry and all three teams did well, with the Staircase Spur team clearing 112 drains.

For dinner Meaghan had organised a barbecue, which we had at the new barbecue shelter in Tawonga South. We were grateful for the shelter as some rain and wind was experienced during the barbecue. As usual Meaghan had over-catered and no one went hungry. The food was excellent and we gave a vote of thanks to Meaghan.

On Sunday we worked on the Fainter Falls walking track, near Bogong village. No one had worked on the track for a while, but it turned out to be in good condition. The day was nice and sunny and the Falls were in very good form after the rain on Friday. It was well worth the trip.

We finished up with coffee at the Tawonga Store, where we caught up again with Nick, who had been unable to join us on the Sunday.


Dawn Kneen,  Greg Morvell, Deb Shand, Jeanette Burnett, Margaret Timbury, Pam Gardner, Fred Gerardson, Karen Armitage, Greg Morvell, Jim Harker, Nick Brown, Chris Jarvis

Ranger - Meaghan Raymond

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