15 - 26 November 2017


Greg and Jim on Staircase Spur. Photo by Meaghan.

25 - 26 November 2017 Work Party

More photos here.

Eight members met at Mountain Creek campsite, in warm, sultry conditions. We were not expecting Ranger Iris Curran, as we had heard she was working with a different volunteer group in the Omeo area, releasing beetles to eat the English Broom. So we were surprised when she turned up. She told us that the North-East region had had thunderstorms every afternoon for the last fortnight, and those conditions were no good for the beetles, so the Omeo project had been called off.  Iris had been placed on patrol instead, so she could only stay for about an hour. Ranger Meaghan arrived with all the equipment for our work party. She gave us some bad news about the March work party. The heavy snow had collapsed the wire fence we had put up at Langford West campsite. The snow gums we had planted survived but the other plants died.

For the Saturday work party, we split into three groups.  Margaret and Pam cleaned up the campsite, dug out the ash from the fireplaces (the policy now is to put it in rubbish bags and take it away) and cleaned the PV signs. Karen and Chris (with his arm in a sling) cleared the walking tracks around the campsite.  Dawn, Rod, Greg and Jim travelled to Staircase Spur and began clearing drains. The day was very hot and humid and Staircase Spur was steep, but we managed to clear 79 drains. Meaghan had offered to provide a barbecue for us at Mountain Creek.  But owing to the threat of storms we headed into Mt Beauty to have it under shelter.  There was plenty of food and Rod, Greg and Chris did a great job of cooking.

On Sunday we relaxed and travelled to Mt Buffalo for a most interesting tour of the Chalet.  We found out many things that we didn’t know about it.  Unfortunately there is no plan at the moment to re-open it.  Parks Vic is just maintaining it in the hope that some plan will emerge.

Attendance:  Dawn Kneen,  Rod Novak,  Greg Morvell,  Margaret Timbury,  Karen Armitage,  Pam Gardner,  Chris Jarvis,  Jim Harker
Ranger : Meaghan Raymond