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27 - 28 February 2016 Work Party


12 - 13 November 2016 work party

On the advice of Parks Victoria this work party was cancelled as the road was still closed at Falls Creek by snow and very high winds were forecast, making working at low altitudes dangerous.

27 - 28 February 2016 Work Party

More photos here.

We met at Buckety Plain campsite and then headed off to Pretty Valley to begin the weekend’s work on willows. Our group has not done willows for a few years and the procedure has changed a bit. The current procedure is to cut them off as close to the ground as possible and then dab them with Round-up, both on the cut off stem and the base still in the ground. We worked in the area immediately to the east of the Pretty Valley Hut. Iris took a GPS reading on each cut willow so she got some pretty good statistics. Although some groups are disappointed that they are finding fewer willows on these weekends, but of course, this actually means the program is working.  The total for Saturday was around 150 willows.

We had mild weather to camp at Buckety Plain. On Sunday we headed off to Ropers Lookout (near the Rocky Valley dam wall). We worked in a couple of smaller bogs and located about 100 willows. Some excellent work was done by the Friends in finding some fully grown willows in a difficult gully. Thanks to everyone who attended.


Attendance: Dawn Kneen, David Turner, Shauna Wilson, Chris Jarvis (first time), Karen Armitage (first time), Jeanette Burnett, Jim Harker

Ranger: Iris Curran

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Karen resting on a rock