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29/30 March 2014 Work Party

Rudi and Martin install the bench seat

Report on 29/30 March 2014 work party

Attendees: Jim Harker, Rod Novak, Deb Shand, Mark Heath,  Raf Malarky ,Margaret Timbury, Pam Gardner, Margaret Graham, Nick Brown, Martin Pocock (visitor – member from way back), Marian Sault, David Turner

More photos here.

This work party was held at the Mountain Creek campsite, where we haven’t worked for a while. We had a good turn-out, including a few new members. Iris and Rudi had organised quite a variety of tasks, so for much of the time we were split into several groups. The first task was to install a bench seat at a scenic spot overlooking the creek, about 100 to 200 metres from camp. We had a variety of work, digging the holes, clearing the view of the creek, collecting rocks to pack down the seat and clearing the seat site. Installing the seat saw an impressive performance by Rudi,  pounding away to get the seat into the exact right spot. Finally we were able to pack it down with rocks. Then we landscaped the area. This was quite impressive and the seat looked like it had been there a long time. Some of us then did clean-up jobs around the camp, cleaning the various signs, others did track clearing on various walking tracks.  Rudi led a group of us working on a recently installed bridge over the creek. We brought up lots of rocks to make nice steps up to the bridge and to landscape the area. 

After lunch we all went up to Staircase Spur, the longest and highest climb in Victoria, which leads to the summit of Mt Bogong. The task was to clear the drains, an important job as erosion is a big threat to the track. The drains on Staircase Spur were put in by a contractor and Rudi described them as being the top quality. We then headed up the track with our tools and began energetically applying ourselves to the drains. At the end of the day we headed back and Rudi revealed that we had cleared 56 of 152 drains on the spur (I’m not sure of the numbers but they are pretty close). Yes Rudi does keep track of things like that. 

We returned to camp and had a relaxing evening around the camp fire, except that at about 7 o’clock a bushwalker appeared and said that her friends had walked down Staircase Spur, but were too exhausted to walk back to camp. Jim Harker drove off and picked them up. To everyone’s surprise they then proceeded to drive back to Melbourne that night. 

Early Sunday morning we were woken by heavy rain. As we were having breakfast Iris turned up and advised that heavy rain was forecast all morning. We cancelled the idea of further work and headed to the shop in Tawonga South for coffee and cake with Iris and Rudi.

Thanks to all who attended.

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