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Work Party Reports


25 - 26 March 2017 work party

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The work party began with pelting rain in Mt Beauty. I drove to the Parks Office to meet our new ranger, Meaghan Raymond. All I saw was a figure wrapped up in a bulky parka. She was very friendly and invited us all into the office to make a cup of tea or coffee, while she got everything ready. Finally we headed off. It rained steadily all the way to Falls Creek, but by the time we got to the worksite at Langford West campsite, it was down to frequent showers. The campsite has received a lot of wear and tear and our job was to plant plants in a position to separate the various campsites. The back of Meaghan’s car was filled with plants. We all set to and had a couple of people carrying up buckets of water to water in the plants. Iris Curran was on patrol duty and also looking after a volunteer group working on Cope Hut. She popped in and we had a good chat. The weather gradually improved and by the time we finished work it was fine and sunny. Iris camped with us at Buckety Plain while Meaghan returned to Mt Beauty.

Sunday was fine and sunny. We returned to Langford West.  Meaghan had brought up wire and star pickets as well as paint for people to repaint the signs. Half the group worked on the fences and the other half worked on the signs. Meaghan had only put up a wire fence once before but Chris Jarvis tuned out to be quite experienced. We were soon putting star pickets around the plant sites, then looping around wire and tightening it. Meaghan also had signs to say that it was a revegetation area. The other half of the group worked on the signs, sanding them back and repainting them. I must say that when I looked at one half way through the job that the repainting made quite a difference. Meaghan brought up a couple of cakes from the Mt Beauty Bakery and the volunteers appreciated them. 

On ANZAC weekend I returned to the High Plains and checked out our work.  None of the plants looked dead and most looked really healthy. The star pickets, fences and signs were still in place.


Rod Novak, Dawn Kneen, Jim Harker, Karen Armitage, Chris Jarvis, Marianne Watt, Margaret Timbury, Pam Gardner, Deb Shand, Mark Heath

First time: Damien Walters, Hania Bibrowska, Ailsa Mackenzie

Ranger: Meaghan Raymond

Rangers Meaghan Raymond and Iris Curran